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About Lynn

I am a painter currently living in Houston Texas, after many years in California. I work in oils, acrylics and watercolours. I'm influenced by 30 years of living in South Africa, Europe, South East Asia and California. Inspired by Impressionists, I paint typical scenes from the places I've lived. At first I painted everything - people, places, nature, animals and structures, using very vivid colours to reflect the temperature and light of those places. I find endless inspiration in the commonplace. 

I now paint mostly structures, nature and still lifes.

Everything in life has an atmosphere, a feeling of equal amounts of stability and change; I feel the sense of impending change and try to include that into my work. 


The results are fluid and graceful images from a moment in time, tinged with solitude, beautiful in how they appear now, knowing the moment won’t last.  

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