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Animal life

October 3, 2023

Living in tune to nature naturally slows you down. Our flat has 2 verandahs and seven double windows that face the sea. I know the different light, the wind, the tide level and the approximate time by just looking out. The water color changes endlessly with the clouds to every imaginable shade of blue and green and in the evening it's pink and violet. The sky is pink-blue-violet-orange-red. These colors just roll into each other day after day. I see the tiny sea life when I swim- the fish, urchins, anemones, mussels. The kelp forests are just off shore in 20-30 feet of water. They are green gold, indian yellow, ochre and green.

We drove down to Cape Point a few days ago. The tip of Africa used to be called the Cape of Storms for good's been rebranded as the Cape of Good Hope which sounds better but it is here the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans mix. We saw humpback whales, dolphins and the 2 Orcas that have driven the great white sharks away from this area temporarily. The Orcas go after the shark liver- the sharks wisely have moved on.

Roaming around the Reserve were troops of baboons who were not shy about trying to get into the car. Big yellow teeth almost as gross as the Harbor Seals in Kalk Bay. As a group, they are so fun to watch- the big males in front and back looking like generals- the females, young and babies falling over each other, grooming, fighting, rolling, running snd jumping in between.

We also saw Eland, bontebok, and ostrich.

The more you experience animals, the gentler your life seems❤️

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