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On The Road

In early December I left Kalk Bay for Simonstown, a village 10 km down the coast. My family and I stayed a heritage Whalers Cottage for the holidays which should have been calm and peaceful but instead erupted in a fast spreading mountain fire that went on for over a week. Helicopters swooped overhead for days and the air was thick with smoke. The fire came quite close to us ( close enough that we had our bags packed by the front door) but we did not have to evacuate. We had a few days of calm where we swam in the My Octopus Teacher waters before a strong black southwest wind settled upon us- gale force winds for days blowing ash and trees and our internet antennae down. On the plus side I spent many lovely days and evenings with old friends. I filled my sketch book for future imaginings.

I hung TALK TO ME in the Olympia cafe the day before I left town. This little pop up exhibit looks great and has been well received. I am happy to have left some mark in Kalk Bay, a place I feel so tied to. All that swimming has focused and defined me. I am nothing but myself- for better or worse.

I am in Knysa now, a beautiful place on the Indian ocean coast, about 500km east of Cape Town. Tomorrow the animal action starts as I spend 4 days in ADDO Elephant Reserve. This road trip will continue for another 7 weeks so follow along with me as I drive all over South Africa!

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